Button Details

What type of Button would you like?

1 Inch

1 Inch Buttons are the size of a Quarter.

2.25 Inch

Size: 2.25''

First, let's talk about the size of the buttons offered from ReddsButtons.  The size of all of our buttons are 2.25''.  That is the size of the top of a soda can drink.  2.25'' buttons are the most popular most visual and affordable.

Pin-Back Buttons:
Pin-Back Buttons are ordered the most.  If you want to wear your statement, image, logo, etc. this is the button choice for you.  Attach this button on your clothes, hat, tote back it fits almost anything.
Magnet Buttons:
Magnet Buttons are the idea buttons for keepsakes to be attached to all types of metal, mostly use on refrigerators for the home or office.  Truthfully, your customers may not wear your buttons everyday but they will attach them to their file cabinets or refrigerators.  Stay constantly in the eyes of your customers by giving or selling them a product that will keep you on their mind.  This style of button is great for all businesses, lawyers, doctors, all professions.

Mirror BACKS:
This is one of the our favorite buttons to create.  The mirrors are carefully placed inside of the inner shell of the back of the button.  The mirror will never fall out, it is not glued to the back it is encased inside.  The front of the button bares your image or statement while the back of the button showcases a real mirror.  We have sold thousands of these type buttons to Barber Shops, Beauty Salon and Dentists.  Let's call these "pocket mirrors"  With the convenience size of the button your customers can easily fit them inside of their pockets, carry bags or purses.